Preparations of cereals

       Flour — food product resulting from the grinding of grains of different cultures. Flour may be made from such varieties of grain crops like wheat, spelled, rye, buckwheat, oats, barley, millet, corn, rice and dagussa. The bulk of the flour produced from wheat. Is a necessary component in the manufacture of bread. Wheat baking flour divided into classes: krupchatku, top, first, second, wholemeal.


      Schroth (German Schrot, the basic meaning — small pieces, scraps) — concentrated feed, a by-product of oil extraction production. Obtained after extraction of oil from oil seed plants with organic solvents in stills and evaporators. Depending on the raw materials are distinguished sunflower meal (or sunflower), soybean, rapeseed, mustard, hlopchatnikovy, castor oil, hempseed oil meal, and others — a valuable high-protein feed product.


  We export:


   1.  Flour

      Wheat flour — flour produced from the grain of wheat. Wheat flour is one of the most popular types of flour for baking.

      Wheat flour is most common in the manufacture of high-grade flour products. Wheat flour has excellent baking qualities, articles of wood, and has a good amount of fine-developed porosity.

      Qualitative indicators are exported by our company top grade wheat flour:


  • White — 60;

  • Gluten — not less than 28%;

  • DCO — not less than 70%.



  2.  Wheat flour
      Wheat flour is the most common. First grade flour is good for nobutter cookies, and baking a variety of breads. Finished products from it harden more slowly.


   3.  Sunflower granular


      Sunflower — a valuable high-protein feed product which is produced from sunflower seeds. Schrot irreplaceable as a high-protein additive in feed for animals and all kinds of birds, since it contains a natural protein, fiber, vitamins E and C, potassium, phosphorus and other minerals.

      Sunflower meal — a valuable food, which is contained within the 30-43% crude protein, a rich set of essential amino acids such as cysteine, tryptophan, and methionine, in particular high levels of methionine, which has a positive effect on the growth and development of young animals. Compared with oil cake in the meal there are several more crude protein (30-43% crude protein), but less fat — not more than 1.5%.

      Sunflower produce in granulated and non-granulated form.

      Today it is very popular among breeders, thanks to its high quality at relatively low cost. Use of sunflower meal in the diet can improve animal productivity and improve the quality of animal products, in particular, there is an increase of daily milk yield of cows and milk fat.

      Qualitative indicators are exported by our company sunflower granular:


  • Humidity — 10%;

  • Protein — 30-32%;

  • Fat — 2.5%;

  • The fiber raw — 14%;

  • The total ash content — 7%;

  • The total aflatoxin — 20 ppb;

  • The total volatile nitrogen — 50 mg/100.


   4.  Soybean meal feed tested

      Soybean meal feed tested is a product of soy beans after extraction of the oil with the use of additional moisture-heat treatment. The considerable amount of protein and energy in the meal can be high-energy and high protein diets without the use of expensive feed components of animal origin. Soybean meal is widely used in the feeding of all kinds of farm animals, birds and fish, as well as for the production of animal feed products.

      Quality parameters of soybean meal feed tested following:


  • Humidity — 12%;

  • Ash content — 0.6%;

  • Mass fraction of Metal impurities — 0.004%;

  • Protein — 48.5%;

  • Fat content — 2.5%;

  • Mass fraction of crude fiber — 4,5%;

  • Overall energy nutritional value — 1.37%;

  • The activity of urease — 0.10.